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I haven't written on the Blog for a couple of months.

My last post was about Peace.

After the forced reset of 2020 with the Pandemic, these months have once again, become a time for reflection, for prioritizing different things, for spending time with the family.

There is a quote that I love:

“The intelligence of an individual is measured by the amount of uncertainty that he is able to withstand”. Immanuel Kant

Continuing to do the things that we are passionate about, with enthusiasm, while only receiving mostly disturbing news about the future of the Planet, of Humanity, of the Economy, of the Values ​​in which we believe, turns out to be an exercise in pragmatism and intelligence, without a doubt.

Everything spins at high speed in our minds.

When so much excess information is processed, it is necessary to stop the mind, stop time in the NOW. Breathe, be receptive to everything and everyone around us and isolate the moment out of apocalyptic contexts or absurd melancholy.

From time to time, keywords come to my mind and I create scarves around them.

The first were YES and NO.

Then came PEACE.

Today is the NOW.

NOW, The only place where we can be fully happy.

I believe in this so strongly, that I have a hard time interacting with people who don't think so, with people unable to pay attention or listen to others because they are never really there in life or on social networks.

This taken to the extreme, was what happened to me with the instagram account. When I realized that 90 percent of my followers were still following my account and liking the hacker posts, not paying attention to the fact that it wasn't me anymore.

I decided to delete my @gloriasurfacepatterndesign instagram account and create it again, from scratch.

I guess it makes sense, connecting the dots, once I've learned to say YES and NO, I don't let strangers take away my inner PEACE or ruin the Present Moment.

I also avoid ruining myself the present moment.

If I stop to think, every time sadness invades me, it is because of a painful memory or a fear that is often unlikely or unavoidable anyway.

We must strongly demand life, the right to be happy.

In our own way.

With our ethical standards and our conscience.

Without giving in to discouragement.

If we focus on the NOW, it is possible to achieve it.

Living in homeopathic doses of 24 hours… because , you cannot absorb more life at once, it is way too risky to do so, at least if you are as intense as me ; )

I remember a time without uncertainties. Where there were always room for creative moments and improvisation.

The other day, I went up to the attic of my soul and found this… I leave it here for you.

The sweet mess of youth

Dawn in the unmade bed

With a blank mind

Feel the body free and relaxed

Under the sheet turned into a tunic

Light the first cigarette of the day

Enjoy it

Don't think about anything mundane

Only about ideas of the highest importance

Don't make lists

Don’t plan menus

Don't go turning off lights

Have no spare parts

Lose sleep daydreaming

Travel without reservations

With no insurance

With no excess baggage

Have a hangover

Wake up in new places

Walk until your soles break

Enjoy the rain on the windows

Forget to water the plants

To empty the ashtrays

To separate colored clothes


Do not unpack on arrival

Lose, forget, break…

Find, remember, fix…

And lose again...

Until the chaos stops

And you'll start making lists

Having spare parts

Turning off lights

And everything will become… orderly.

And all the ideas… will become unimportant.


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