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In the face of questions that we cannot answer, problems that we cannot solve, and mistakes that we cannot correct, our imagination and hopes are paralyzed.

One of my favorite quotes, is the one that says that, an individual's intelligence can be measured by the amount of uncertainty that he is able to withstand.

When everything becomes uncertain, hostile, unfair, it is when it helps the most, to take refuge in the certainty that, what we are capable of creating, cannot be taken from us by anyone.

Creativity becomes the only certainty independent of everything and everyone.

That's why, when creativity becomes the hostage of our reality, we have to find the courage to release it again.

Go to the rescue with all the artillery.

With the joy, the desire and the courage that it requires not to give up.

No matter how much vocation or passion for your work you have, sometimes you will feel that you have lost it.

But it is only a perception.

It continues to be there, hostage to the uncertain.

Waiting for you to invoke it again.

To live it!

Although it may not transcend and will remain in a notebook and in a drawer.

Singing, dancing, painting, writing, cooking, telling a bedtime story, decorating your home... everything captures who you are.

Being creative is within everyone's reach.

Being creative is always healing.

And being creative, for some people, like me, is their raison d'être.

And that's the only conclusion I've come to in these months of searching.

Nothing else is in my hand, only my creativity.

"The door of happiness opens inwards, you have to withdraw a little to open it: if you push it, you close it more and more.”

Soren Kierkegaard.



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