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Every 3 months G&SILK gives a chance to everyone to have their original designs become a beautiful silk scarf.

The Challenges are explained in detail at @gandsilk Instagram account.

A same theme can be interpreted so differently by each artist.

Designs need to be 70x70 cm, created at 300 dpi. and in RGB color

All you need is to post your scarf design using the #gandsilk 

The selected designs will get published at @gandsilk and sold here. 

New deadline November 30


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Deadline - November 30

This Challenge, is about creating a scarf inspired by the importance of preserving Nature.

Animals, Oceans, Soils, Forests, everything!.


Deadline - September 30

This Challenge, is about creating a scarf inspired by Joy!.


Art History

Deadline - June 27

This Challenge, is about creating a scarf inspired by your favorite painter.

What inspires you?

Deadline - March 30

This Challenge, is about showing the artwork that represents you the most.

Around the themes, colors, ideas, matters, values and techniques that inspire you the most.

Feel free to be totally you and have fun creating a G&Silk Scarf.

Flowers from another Planet

Deadline - December 5

This Challenge, is about dreaming how flowers could be in other Planets.

Allow your imagination to fly in Full Bloom like with the designs " Flowers from Mars" and " Flowers from Jupiter" available at the online Store.

wix 2 octubre.jpg

Classic Hollywood

My passion for movies started as a child.

The Movie Stars and the Hollywood Musicals still make me dream.

I invite you, to create your own Scarf inspired by a Movie a Star or a Scene

dear to your heart. ( Until 1965)

A Scarf with a Poem

This challenge is very dear to my heart.

G&Silk Slogan is a verse from a Poem.

I invite you, to create your own Scarf with a Poem dear to your heart.

A place to return

This is the first challenge.

Thinking about a place we would love to visit, come back to, discover or simply dream about during these times when travelling is complicated.


Lanzarote is a place that deeply inspires me, there art and nature mix in a beautiful way.

Almeria is where G&SILK was created and where I live. The palm trees, the houses, the blue of the sea, the sun that shines all year long and the pavement of the seafront promenade, inspired this design.