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It's been a while since I wrote on the Blog.

I usually do it, when something comes to me viscerally and I express it as I think it and publish it at the very same moment.

Lately, the things that outrage me are so complex, so many nuances escape for me to be able to give a reasoned opinion or they are so sad, that I can't even write about them.

But 15 minutes ago, that has changed, suddenly, I have parked what I was doing and I have turned on the Blog.

It turns out that while I draw, I listen to conferences of all kinds. Today, because it was recently the day of Happiness, I had one on the subject.

What was not my surprise when the speaker literally says: "Women who do not have children live about 10 years less than those who do have children." (So far, well, if he has the mortality statistics in hand, nothing to object to). But then he goes on and adds: "After a certain age, around 40, it is very difficult for a woman to reach high levels of happiness."

Well let's see, Mr. Expert in the happiness of mature women.

FYI, I will tell you that many times, women with children have confessed to me that although they love their children, if they could turn back time, they would not have them again.

That for starters.

And then, women, are in this world, not only to procreate.

Being a mother does not make you more or less happy. Because happiness is born from oneself, Mr. Expert.

But the outrage has turned retroactive, as I have recalled years and years of hearing my best friend, mother of 3, telling me over and over again: "Gloria, you won't know love until you have kids."

Naturally, because of that rule of thumb, Jesus Christ did not know what love is.

Saints, neither.

Let's see, Love is so scarce and so selfish, that most people, like my ex-friend, only see themselves as capable of giving it to their offspring and to no one else. Not even their husbands!.

That speech, can only come from someone incapable of generously loving anyone who they do not feel as a piece of themselves.

With which I would say to her: My dear, you are an absolute ignorant of everything related to love, because you only love your children with all your soul.

But going back to the high levels of happiness that this speaker, (who is paid to say this nonsense), was talking about.

My levels of happiness have never been higher than after the fateful 40s, an age that is the equivalent of the expiration date of yogurt for the basic heterosexual. Normal, since menopause and infertility make us less interesting for this type of elements.

Women past 40 are like past 20 and past 60... we are complete Beings whose happiness lies in us.

Although in something I do agree with you, my smoke seller friend, it took me about 40 years to know where to find My happiness, with which I turn your argument around...

It is after 40 precisely, when women can have the highest levels of happiness.

And with this, I say goodbye for today, because I have a job, a dog, a family and a passion for MY LIFE that makes me stop only a minimum amount of time for every idiot I hear.

Silky Kisses.


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