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For me 2022 is already the Year when I got Zen for Real.

4 days trying things to save my iMac…by myself. I could not use remote assistance since the Mac kept closing.

No apple Store here neither… So I went for long walks…changed my hair color…took Nuki to the Beach…bought plants and Vegan Food….and tachan!!! It works. I believe it all helped to remain extra calm.

I am so happy about how I was patient while on Holidays ( Given my low tolerance to uncertainty).

What Happened?.

Well, I guess updating to Monterey the day before going on Holidays for a month and a half… was not a good idea.

My 27” Mac could not be started.

When I arrived from Holidays 4 days ago, I started the online recovery.

The Update was installed and the Mac was so slow, it was not possible to work at all.

The external disk had no room neither to transfer the files. ( My Mac has 2 Teras but it looked like there was no space).

The migration via my laptop, was not possible neither because of the 2 different Mac OS.

So, I switched off the external disk, forgot about Time Machine and trusted iCloud to restore all files.

I left the computer as from the factory, with the native High Sierra OS.

From there, I updated to Monterey, making sure I had made room to install it in the available 2T space, not on the Macintosh HD space.

Now the Mac runs perfectly.

I made sure to create the mail accounts again, Synchronize the color profiles of all Adobe Programs, Fix the issues with the Last versions of Photoshop for 3D files and Install a new driver for the Wacom tablet. Now I am waiting for the files to download on the desktop.

It will take a while.

Why did I go through all this trouble?.

Well, in my humble opinion ( and as you can read above, I am no expert, just an intuitive person), it is not the moment to change the 27"Mac.

The current 27” model has not yet the M1 chip, so it will soon be old.

As I say, I am by no means an expert.

This post is about sharing how I found a solution just based on Hope and Patience.

What would have I done if the Mac had bricked for real?.

I guess buying a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip, while they update to M1 the 27". I can use a laptop when travelling, but at home I like the big screen.

The circumstances make us, graphic designers, go through all kinds of technical problems.

I am very happy with Apple, but the Monterey scare is something I don’t wish to anybody.

***Please note this happened in mid November, maybe now Monterey is more stable.

Also, my previous iMac lasted only for more than one year… That one could not be saved…( the motherboard died). So I wanted to fight for this one.

I hope this post can help anyone going through this same issue.

Wishing you all a very creative and healthy 2022.



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