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These are the most important values behind all I do.

I want my social media, my brand and my new Blog here, to reflect them.

1. This is a space to talk and share who we are and the art we put into the world.

As artists, we can create beauty with a pencil and a piece of paper. That is powerful.

For me, the emotion that a piece of art makes us feel is what makes it valuable.

2. Here we show what we create, who we are. Our essence and soul through art, experiences, anecdotes, hopes and dreams.

3. The purpose is a meaningful connection between the clients and the brand. You can carry important messages full of color and joy, by wearing our scarves.

4. Fabrics and patterns are into the roots of all cultures and family traditions. They are part of the identity of each individual and each nation. That is why G&Silk wants to unite all cultures.

5. When you become a part of this community, as a featured artist or an Open call artist, you will have this platform to express yourself. Always showcasing the artist behind the product.

6. When you register at this website as a client, you will have access to special promotions.

7. When you offer one of our products, designed by me or by a featured artist, you will be sending a Silky Kiss With Color to a loved one. And that is the main concept of this brand. Giving an emotional added value to a material thing.

8. Important messages will be always shared with the

Permanent Collection of Scarves.

About Sisterhood. Nature. Diversity. Mental Health. Personal growth and many other things that are global issues or individual issues that matter.

Including joy and enthusiasm, feelings that are at the root of everything we do.

Silky kisses,


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