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I always thought that a significant love story can´t be measured in terms of time, but in terms of what it brought to your life.

The things that improved in you, that got revealed to you, that got changed forever.

Well, today it was the end of an era, like Monica in FRIENDS would say.

I started an account during lockdown in Instagram called @fandeestampados.

Little did I know that one year later I would start this lovely project of G&Silk

What started as a platform to support all artists regardless of their nationality or skill level, turn out into a real chance to give an opportunity to new artists by getting their artwork turned into a scarf.

I built this project with that mindset.

Wanting to highlight my featured artists and Open Call winners.

For 6 months I have been keeping the @fandeestampados account and my design studio accounts.

But today, September 28, I came to the realization that I needed to focus in my community to be truly useful.

A small community compared to the one I had at @fandeestampados, but one that is close to my project and has the same views as I have, a brand that connects artists with customers around design.

It took me a lot of thought to make the last post.

I have met my featured artists, my Open Call Winners and many supporters thanks to that account.

But if I were an artist I would like to perform in a club rather than a Big arena.

So this is what I am doing.

Bringing the focus to this Blog, the G&Silk brand and all the exciting projects I have in mind at my design Studio Gloriasurfacepatterndesign too.

I always give my all to everything I do and after 18 really intense months, trying to help as many artists as possible. I think more than 20000!. I need to put my energy in this project that is getting bigger.

I am looking forward to this new Era.

I am so happy that life always finds a way to guide us where we need to go.

Silky Kisses,


This image illustrates what @fandeestampados was all about.

It has been so much fun!. And the same Spirit remains alive here.

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7 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
10 oct 2021

Wow, I've just discovered you! I love what you are doing, congratulations. I'll make time to submit a design or two! All the best and thank you for giving SPDers another outlet to shine. Annette @thatsgraphicdesign

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
10 oct 2021
Contestando a

Great!. So happy you like this project. 🌹

Me gusta

Wow you did so well helping and supporting all those artists in just 18 months! I wish you all the best in the future 🥂💕

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
28 sept 2021
Contestando a

First year was ok, but since April when G&Silk was launched I can’t do it as much, so I prefer to keep helping in another way. But it has been amazing to feel I made happy so many people in difficult times during lockdown. That is what I take with me.That and artists like you 🌹

Me gusta

Today, I drink to your success🥂🎨

Me gusta
Contestando a


Me gusta
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