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Thinking of a new topic for the Open Call, I reviewed the previous ones: A place to return to, a Scarf with a poem, Classic Hollywood, Flowers from another planet, Your greatest inspiration, History of Art and Joy. I was surprised not to have touched yet, a theme that is at the origin of many of my patterns and scarves: The Respect of Nature. We are at a time when any variation, no matter how small, affects its delicate balance. Let's start with the Oceans. They absorb almost all the excess of heat, that we generate in the atmosphere, with CO2 emissions. The first consequence is the acidification of the oceans. The change in the Ph, causes marine creatures, from fish to crustaceans, to coral, to be damaged. Observing how the oceans are rising in temperature, we also have an evident reflection of the increase in temperatures and an explanation of why storms are becoming more severe and floods more common. Interestingly, the already dry areas are becoming increasingly dry. Going towards desertification. Not to mention the fires that devastate every country, every Summer. Already on solid ground, we are facing the damage that poor management of livestock and agriculture generates. The consumption of industrial meat is so high that to supply such demand, the macro farms are responsible for a very high percentage of greenhouse gases as well as an enormous waste of water. Not only that, fishing, which is talked about much less than livestock, irreversibly damages the seabed with their aggressive fishing techniques, which also kill dolphins and sharks in the process. Not to mention the amount of waste and nets they leave behind. The excessive use of pesticides is destroying natural pollination as it harms, among others, bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The poor exploitation of the land causes the microbiota of the soil to be damaged, which is essential, because it is from it, from the minerals and microorganisms present in the soil, that plant life is born. The sector where I work, textiles, is also responsible for polluting the water a lot, when it is not well regulated. The waste generated by fast fashion is also unaffordable for the planet. You can watch my video on this topic:

In short, everything is a gear that, if properly ordered, could return to its balance. We can do little as ordinary citizens, if the multinationals continue doing what they want. Playing with the health of the Planet and ours, because ultimately, constant exposure to harmful chemical agents, in what we eat, in the air we breathe and in the water, it is something that we are not even aware of. Balance is the key. It's not about being vegan, about not buying anything and just recycling, about being anti-technology and anti-progress. Nope. It is about not falling into the excesses in which we live. Eating less meat and fish would help. Not buying throw away fast fashion would help. To the Planet and the enslaved human beings behind it. Choosing governments that prioritize preserving Nature would also help. That is the message behind the scarf: EQUILIBRIO

Available at the online Store in 2 sizes. I invite you to create yours and participate in the Instagram @gandsilk OPEN CALL: THE RESPECT OF NATURE

#gandsilk Deadline November 30.


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