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my name is Gloria Franco and if you are reading this, you must be a lover of design, scarves, art, and/or an instagram follower.

Today, it is a very hot August day, I am sitting here in my desk, the place I have spent the last 5 years building a dream, brick by brick.

When people asked me about my dreams I used to answer “ I would like to be a textile designer. At the Fashion Design School in Paris, they used to tell me I was gifted for it”.

And like that, you start talking about that dream, as a very unlikely thing to happen, almost like answering: " What would you do if you won the lottery?".

Well, I changed that tune.

When you start thinking that something is possible, your goal is not a dream anymore, it becomes your life.

I can’t remember how I was before I took that step. My mind has been reset and trusting that my project could become real, made me approach all aspects of my life in a different way.

I read that Bamboo takes a very long time to make it to the surface, exactly around 5 years.

Once the seed is planted, it grows very deep and strong roots before starting growing towards the surface.

I was in that way a Bamboo girl.

Working hard in my internal beliefs and dreams, in order to have the strength to protect them from adversity took me most of my life so far.

Now, I think I have become not only stronger but also more flexible and patient.

And I own all that to the long path that took me here.

To this project so close to my heart.

Way more than scarves to me.

Silk is the canvas where I project all I am.

Featured artists are the reflection of my natural instinct to help as much as I can everyone around me.

Social media and now this Blog, is a humble attempt to inspire anyone reading this, to never give up on living a life full of enthusiasm, but I'll leave that for another post hehe.

So, this is my first Blog entry ever.

Silky Kisses,


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