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In the way Society works, we are only allowed to stop and refocus on holidays. That makes many people, drag unfinished business with them, throughout their lives, for not taking the time to stop and repair.

Taking the time to heal, is a luxury. If we can't do it at all, then we can do our best to activate a SELF-REPAIR mode.

Sometimes it is achieved from the outside in.

Feeling physically strong, can help us improve our attitude, in the face of everyday challenges, unforeseen events and people who make life difficult for us.

Everything can become stressful without warning.

Taking care of our defenses, resting, moving, eating healthy foods and of course, enjoying some less healthy ones from time to time, makes a big difference.

As a 50-year-old woman, I think that now it is unavoidable, to slow down (a little) the deterioration that the years bring us.

For example, I have lost a lot of vision and this September it is time to solve that. With the hours I spend on the computer or looking at the iPad screen, my eyesight is quite affected.

During this Summer, I have lost so much vision and I have had so much pain in my eyes, that I have not been able to draw a lot or update the Studio website as I had planned to do.

Luckily I've already put myself in good hands and with the treatment I started and close-up glasses (for the first time), I'll be able to go back to what I like to do the most: Create.

Self Repair is the only option.

Also mentally.

Not letting moments from the past define us, when we may not have made the best decisions. Do not look at our lives with melancholy or guilt.

Guilt is a thief of happiness. Especially when it comes from feeling that we have not done everything that we had planned during the day.

Talking lovingly to ourselves, not being more self-critical than our worst enemy, helps a lot.

In addition to our bodies and our minds, sometimes we have to repair the heart.

In my opinion, it is what takes more time and requires more sense of humor and healthy self-criticism.

Over time, you see that never, ever, a breakup deserves to make a drama of epic dimensions.

Wasting time with those who do not love us as we need it, is one of the most absurd things to waste time on.

But of course… it's taken me 50 years to get it hehe.

It sounds simple, but it is not.

Suffering for love is only justified in case of illness or bereavement. Nothing else.

If they lie to us, leave us, or don't love us, why suffer? And if we are the ones who stop loving, why suffer?

I think that when you have Self-esteem, you see all this very clearly. But when you don't have self-esteem, a love failure is interpreted as a rejection. Nothing is further from reality. And this becomes something dramatic when combined with narcissism, which is why there is so much violence within couples.

We are only responsible for how we have behaved in a relationship, never for what the other party has done with our trust or our feelings.

So if you are reading this with a broken heart, consider if you have done things right on your end.

If the answer is YES, keep going without looking back.

That's the key to moving fast on a breakout.

Focus on what you have done wrong. Not what they've done to you. This erases the feeling of failure.

Unfortunately, some people manage to take away our faith in others, they break our Soul. And you know what, I think only another human being can fix that. Like in the wonderful scene of "Frankie and Johnny" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino, which always moves me infinitely and I think it's the best movie I've seen on this subject.

This Society that encourages us to believe that we need certain things to be fully happy, generates more and more dependencies. Some have existed since the dawn of time. others are new and linked to Social Networks.

Whatever dependency a person has, they alone have the power to Self-Repair.

To stop feeling the emptiness that leads to any type of addiction is what requires the greatest effort, physical, mental and emotional


But life lived in total freedom, reaches its maximum expression and that cannot be achieved if we cannot live without something or someone (in a sick way).

Not depending on drugs, alcohol, tobacco, likes, junk food etc... that is FREEDOM with capital letters.

I hope you have a month of September that brings you closer

more and more to the true Freedom, in a particular aspect, in your work or studies and in your Heart and Soul.

I like Mondays, I like January and I like September.

Back to square one and to undertake tasks and routines again to improve and advance.

Silky Kisses.


The new G&Silk scarf is inspired by all this: “AUTO REPAIR MODE”.

In a humorous tone, in a casual way, comes to say:

Use all the tools at your disposal and move on.


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