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Only when your art gets available to the General Public,

You will be exposed to a true and meaningful validation.

I am surprised by how much the same designs that got rejected every time I submitted them to fabric companies, mobile cases companies, scarves companies etc are the same that are complimented ( and sold) when I had the chance to do so.

Funny thing is, that I was told they were not commercial.

Of course, there can’t be a demand for a product that does not yet exist.

But once you put your vision out there, people may respond in an unexpected way.

As a Spanish textile designer at , I wish we had more unity in Spain, as I see in Brasil, Australia, England, France the US or Sweden, is a handicap because foreign companies, looked for local talent most of the time.

But even if I am a person proud to have a Handmade in Spain brand I am open to work with all nationalities.

I focused on the pride of becoming a Spanish entrepreneur, offering to the world a high quality product made by a family run business, in a sustainable way, giving work to local people and letting the world know that in Spain we can also make a very high quality product.

Artist support costs nothing since is based on followers and likes. Truly helping artists to thrive is very different.

If we want to stop the way textile designers are not paid properly, we must support personal brands and entrepreneurs.

It is the only way.

Trying to fit into the main design tendencies that as textile designers, we know work, for me, takes away the identity of each artist.

As an outsider, I can see a lot the need to fit, in order to get the likes of our pairs, design communities and design teachers. Only after crossing to the entrepreneur side I noticed that. My designs had 10 times less likes because I did not fit anywhere, on style, nationality, community etc.. but I was selling them. So, that brought consolation.

It takes a lot of courage to try to monetize your artwork when you have been told for two years that is not commercial by people who had way more experience on the sector than you.

But I trusted the designs.

I trusted me.

And I trusted the final clients.

So, to all of you tired of sending CV, portfolios, Open Calls etc...

Stay strong.

You will find the brand that is good for your style.

Keep being who you are as artists.

Improve the technique, evolve, but don’t lose your essence because is what will make you stand out when the moment comes for You.

I trust my vision both as an artist and as an entrepreneur when I select my featured artists at @gandsilk

But never forgetting how it feels on the other side.

Saying NO is harder than getting a NO, at least for me, it is.

But everytime I had a NO something better came along, I improved my skills and I got a wiser vision of how things had to be done.

The road to your dreams will be paved with a lot of no…and mine was too.

All the rejections in the way to that moment, from companies and from other artists, will be worth it.

Don’t give up.

That is why I wanted to make this post.


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