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…I hope it is:

Welcoming as the house of our parents

Initiatory like every single new day

Rooted in our soul like the first prayer we learned

Liberating like forgiveness

Complex as humans are

Cozy as the shadow of a vine

Serene as the calm sea

Breathtaking as the view from a summit

Safe as the hand they gave us to cross the street

Heavenly like the music I love

Free as a wild animal

Dazzling as a smile of happiness

Soft and warm like my dog's tummy

Inspirational as my passion for my work

Exultant as the New Year

Vital as the most virtuoso dancer

Invigorating like the sand and the sea under my feet

Passionate like a flamenco dance

Sweet as the flans of my childhood

Sensual as the touch of the one we love

Pure as a child's heart

Colorful like the art that inspires me

Cheerful as a schoolyard

Ancestral as inherited recipes

Comforting like the best of hugs

Didactic as the best of teachers

With the aroma of brazier, bread and freshly ironed clothes.

When I think about it, the only thing we need to experience paradise in this world, is PEACE.

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