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When I started my design Studio Gloriasurfacepatterndesign, I wanted to create patterns ready to use. Available to be purchased online. The slogan of my Studio is: Let’s create Together.

So I had to showcase my patterns applied to all kind of products.

I discovered mockups. A total game changer.

At Creative Market, I found all I needed. And the best mockups, the ones created by Creatsy.

I started using mobile cases, fabric, pillows…you name it.

When I launched my scarf brand, I found that twill silk or cashmere, as well as pocket squares, where not available, so I suggested the team of Creatsy to think about doing some.

Well, Magda and Jacob introduced themselves from Poland, where they are at the moment and asked me to send them images of my products and explain to them how the textures of these fabrics would be.

They created mockups that are really as the products I sell, so they can be seen by clients.

This is so useful, mostly for my pet scarves where I can show clients how the final product will look.

So today at the Blog I want you all to know a little more about this couple, parents of little baby Marysia, that is helping so many of us.

G&Silk: My first question is about your path as artists, before becoming a team. Where did you learn your skills?

Creatsy: We were always involved in design, but what's funny is we ended up as engineers (architecture and industrial automation). We learned how to create mockups on our own by years of practice, constantly testing and trying something new to achieve better results. We had also experience in architecture design, photography, 3D and photo manipulation, which helped us a lot.

G&Silk: I think you started your Studio around 2016. How did you decide to focus on Mockups?.

Creatsy: We just loved it! 😄 It was kind of an unique combination of the artistic and the technical part of graphic design.

G&Silk: Working as a team, how would you describe how your artistic personalities complement each other?.

Creatsy: Magda has a more artistic personality, all of the design concept is created by her. Jacob deals with the technical part. There are other people in the team, we have 3D and 2D magicians and some crazy programmers, we are not the only ones who deserve credit, our whole team works hard to make it happen!

G&Silk: What are the changes you have experienced since the pandemic?.

Creatsy: Due to characteristic of our work not much changed (we were already working part remotely), but for sure it's harder as 100% remote work is not as efficient. There were other difficulties, like shortages in supplies of needed equipment.

G&Silk: How does it feel to have your mockups used by so many artists from all around the world?

Creatsy: It's just simply amazing and we never expected this when we were starting. We just love what we do, and hope people will like it too. Watching people working with our files makes us more than happy.

G&Silk: You are currently planning to open a new Office Space.

Can you tell us about the projects you have for this new Season?.

Creatsy: Yes, indeed. We have some delays due to pandemic, but in the time this Blog goes live our new office should be ready, we needed more space for our photo Studio!.

There are so many projects we are working on right now. In short, a lot of projects related to textiles, branding, electronics, interiors and much more. We are also constantly improving all of our old files.

G&Silk: The way you create the mockups has evolved and is getting more and more realistic with 3D and yet very easy to use.

But I imagine sometimes with the Updates, there are issues with the files and the Programs, can you tell us a little bit about the Challenges of creating with an ever-evolving tool like Photoshop?.

Creatsy: Thank you! Yes, we are constantly developing new techniques and expanding the range of our equipment/software to achieve best results! Photoshop CC is the main tool recommended to use our mockups, but indeed there are some updates that can give us a headache.

The biggest challenge right now, is that Photoshop CC will discontinue 3D functionality (in the next couple of years) which is a big loss. We are aware of it, and already working on new solutions to be sure that all of our mockups will work without any issues.

I would like to take this opportunity and include some troubleshooting steps for people which are experiencing issues while using 3D in Photoshop:

First of all Adobe release fix (please scroll to 3D section)

This will fix issues in 99% cases: "Go to Preferences Technology Previews, and check the item Deactivate Native Canvas, then restart Photoshop. "

For now, recommended Photoshop version by Adobe for 3D users is: 22.2. / 21.X. (It's possible to install more than one PS app via Creative Cloud at the same time)

G&Silk: Thank you for always wanting to help your users.

Speaking from my experience with you, creating the Twill texture was tricky.

Which have been the more challenging mockups ever?.

Creatsy: Hard to choose one, as each of our mockups require using many different methods to create. For sure fabrics are one of the most challenging mockups.

G&Silk: Media helps a lot to be known and I noticed that you support everyone that uses your mockups.

That is also something we have in common.

Our collaboration has been essential to launch my brand and I am sure for many others too.

You really make a difference.

Thank you @creatsy so glad to have you here at the Blog.

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Unknown member
Oct 13, 2021

Great article. I have a few of their older mockups without the 3d functionality. As I don't have the CC version of PS the 3d function doesn't work for me....I might try that link though to see if that makes a difference. Thanks, it was an interesting read.

Unknown member
Oct 13, 2021
Replying to

🌹Thank you for reading the post. I think they are amazing. As kind as talented.

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