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An initiative by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.

16th October #WorldFoodDay Aiming for a #ZeroHunger planet as #GlobalGoals.

When I hear Global Goals I always think, let’s start with our own individual goals. I need to communicate about things that matter to me, not to lecture anyone, just to share my own path to a new way of seeing things.

I did this design at Gloriasurfacepatterndesign thinking about those of us unable to become 100% vegan.

One vegan meal a day would make already a big difference globally, but as you see, it all starts with an individual decision.

For me, is not so much about not eating meat, is about treating animals with decency. Once I saw the movie OKJA the seed was planted and I started my research.

My road to stop eating meat and fish has been slow but from a very deep place in my heart.

It is strange how our mentalities can evolve ( or not).

How as a child you go to Seaworld in Florida and as an adult you become aware of the cruelty of zoos and other animal prisons.

Also, knowing about the tragic fate of elite race horses in Australia broke my heart.

So much animal cruelty.

Too many documentaries tell it as it is, the horrible way farm animals are treated and also the horrible damages industrial fishing does to the seas.

I believe in taking individual actions.

In committing to what you believe.

And if I did not take those actions before, is because I was not informed.

Also think about your relation with food.

One big game changer for me more than two decades ago, was realizing that while millions of people suffer from the lack of food, most of us were suffering about diets and eating too much, too badly or too little.

I made a pledge with myself to never ever again suffer about food, only to feel gratitude for never lacking of it.

That was the profound change that made me overcome my bad relation with food without never ever again thinking about diets.

Only eating out of hunger.

Not anxiety, sadness or boredom.

I think we all need to give food the sacred value it has.

Not wasting it.

As individuals and as rich countries we have to stop taking for granted having food on the table.

Learn about sustainable farming, seeds, fertilizers, about how animal farms operate, about fishing. Also about pesticides, about the impact of food on our health...and then, make an informed decision for yourself.

New resolutions about food, could take away a lot of suffering in the world.

I wish nobody experienced hunger, but the way I see it, because climate change is also having the dramatic consequences of droughts, it is all connected.

Nowadays, to fight hunger we must address a lot of issues at once.

The way we eat, the way we waste, the way we cultivate, the way we control the CO2 emissions.

Is all connected, now is too late to fix the issue just by sending food to those in need.

At this point I have tears in my eyes writing this.

More than 1000 million people are in need of food.

So let’s do each of us a little difference, start by being aware of what you are eating, how it was produced and what is the impact that food on our plate had on the environment.

Make eating more healthy, spiritually and physically.

Not in an obsessive extremist way, just reading some labels , not buying products with Palm Oil for example.

And for those who need their fish and meat, try to go vegan one meal a day!.

Food is a blessing and something to be grateful every single day.


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