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today, I want to write about Nuki, my 7 years old Schnauzer girl. Not only because today is International Dog Day, also because she is at the very origin of me, coming back to design.

After a lifetime looking for a sense of purpose in my life through relationships, I came to this conclusion: my quest had consumed way too much of my time on this earth.

I thought that putting my happiness into the hands of another person, was a bet I had lost way too many times.

And I decided to give a try to a life focused on being fully accountable for my own happiness.

At the same time, I am not the kind of person that can have an existence without loving to the fullest, or without taking care of another.

Nuki came into my life on May 2015.

She was already one year old. Her sweet character had destined her to be a therapy dog, but I came into the picture and she did not go to the training, I think she did not need one, she was born to take care of me.

One year after, my life faced another turning point. This time on the professional side. Even if as I said on my first post, I always said I wanted to become a textile designer, I never had the courage to actually work to make my dream come true. I studied fashion design in Paris in my 20’s, got my diploma and locked design into a closed for the next 20 years.

But on the Summer of 2016, that zone of comfort of having the stability or the fake security of a job, came to an end.

At the time I had just read the book Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert and I guess that was the first little seed that was planted in my brain to start doing again something creative with my life.

And this is when Nuki enters. I wanted to draw her.

Nothing too fancy, just a simple vector portrait, cute and made with all the love.

So I enrolled for a year on Skillshare.

One thing led to another and before I knew, I was taking digital drawing lessons, learning Photoshop, Illustrator and pattern making.

I was back.

Back to me.

I had missed me for too many years and missing yourself, is one of the saddest mournings you can have.

My Nuki, healed my heart and put me on the path to creativity.

We both love each other in the exact same way.

Always happy to see each other in the morning as if a year had gone by.

Always happy to play the same games.

Always happy to be close to each other.

I think I can only use the word ALWAYS to refer to her.

The Joy, Love and Peace she brings to my heart are the greatest gifts life has ever given me.

Every day I am grateful for being able to experience the endless source of warm tenderness she creates around her.

I believe she is a magic dog.

Otherwise how would it be possible to build such strong bonds with so little words?, just around gestures and looks. Me, a talker who needs words so much hehe.

She rescues me everyday from the thought that true love is unattainable.

To celebrate these magic bonds we create with our pets, I had to incorporate a scarf with them.

The customized pet scarves, are a way to have always with you an object that can remind you all that love.

Silky Kisses,

Gloria x.

@my_little_nuki with her scarf


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