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Already One year

One year ago, the G&Silk website went live.

I knew I wanted to create a brand that could bring some color and joy to everyday life.

3 things were important to me:

To make a high quality product with great fabrics.

To make it in Spain, from the printing to the packaging to the handrolled edges, making sure the process not only was sustainable but also fair to everyone involved.

To invite other artists so that my @fandeestampados commitment to support artists, could be translated into something reel.

After one year and 4 Open Calls, I can say that all 3 purposes where achieved.

As an artist, this brand gives me a lot of joy.

As an entrepreneur, I get new challenges every single day.

But the fact that my scarves bring such joy from pet owners, to people celebrating birthdays or people wanting to treat themselves to somehing that will put an instant smile on their faces, makes it all worth it.

I think that G&Silk has started something beautiful, and I hope that the brand is also helping to highlight that the independent and personal brands have a lot to bring to the table these days, because they give voice to a lot of different artists and they connect cultures in a beautiful way, and to me, this matters.

Thank you to all the people that has motivated and supported me, purchased or entered our Open Calls.

No need for special ocassions to wear, get or offer one of our scarves , Silky Kisses can be sent any given day.




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