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Overcoming and surviving inner battles, is one of the things that inspire me the most. Helping others too.

I think the greatest tribute we can give lady Diana is acknowledging the legacy she left.

And I want to express how grateful I am.

In a day like today August 31, I woke up in Paris to take a walk at La Rue Saint Antoine. Stores were closed but all the Cafés were full of people and in the street you could hear a sound different from usual, more quiet. All the sudden, I saw papers on the walls. And the cover said “ La mort de Diana”. ( the death of Diana). I thought that is was a catchy phrase from a type of press that looks for sensationalism. But everyone was buying them. So, we also did. We sat at a Café and start reading about the tragic news about Lady Diana having and accident. She passed at the Hospital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière. One I knew well, because it was close to my Bastille apartment and I had been there myself shortly before. Diana was important for me, because she was the first celebrity that talked about mental health and eating disorders. Reading her book, had a great impact on me. I folded the corners where she referred to that and read them again and again. Someone that beautiful and with so much privileges and glamour was suffering the same as me. Then, I took the courage to go to the Hospital to ask for help, for the first time in my life. The same Hospital where she died. Dressed in black in a Valentino outfit from head to toes. With my smoked eyes and skinny as a stick. Looking like I went from a runway to the emergency room. Surreal. Again, the same story, you can look very nice and feel destroyed inside. And the other way around hehe.

I will be forever grateful that she let us see her shadows and not only her light. She did a lot for many people. A lot.

And to me she is a brave woman, because she exposed herself like nobody had before. And if mental health is still stigmatized, imagine at that time. I am proud of being a survivor of a lot of pressures that ruined my young years, from 15 to 26 or so... And I am sad that Diana could not enjoy a peaceful life after battling with the same issues as me. I hope that talking openly about overcoming and having a new life can help those who read this. I will always try to convey that changing and healing is possible. And the way I can do it is with my art. With my scarves. I hope that @gandsilk will have more and more capacity to make a difference and give strenght to everyone in need.


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