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In this space I share the thoughts that often inspire my designs and my Brand.


Here I share from day One my journey overcoming many things over the Years.

How I started to study again at 45, created my design Studio in 2019 and my brand in 2021.

As I said in the talk I gave at the University, the most important Enterprise is yourself and I put a lot of work on it. 

But just when I overcomed self doubt and was just a Happy dog mom working at home, I discovered that without being aware, misophonia had been dictating how good or how bad my day was going to be.

As soon as I discovered this condition, I decided to take off the stigma for me and for others.


Any mental struggle deserves, at least if not empathy, some form of respect.


It helps a lot to be able to relate to others. It gives resilience and a sense of liberation not feeling that what you are going through is taboo. And even more important, not feeling guilty about something you were born with.


Right now, I am working very hard on accepting, once more, the reality of my life. I wish sensitivity to sounds was not a problem for me. I wish I was on a more friendly environment that did not trigger misophonia.


But reality is what it is. I believe, one of the things that make this brand Special,

is to encourage that beyond fights and disappointments there can be Joy.

No matter how painful it is to find fun in certain situations or a kafkaesque side to them.


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